About Us


What would you like to know ?

About the shoppe ?

We first opened our doors May 30th, 2014  ....& it's always changing

It's eclectic, it's fun , it's colorful!

It  offers many awesome, eclectic, changing choices..

products come from all over







Orient ( no, no not from slave labor factories!)

The shoppe offers a wide variety of items for all types of customers ,

with all kinds of different beliefs, backgrounds & spiritual practices.

Shoppe  offers Fair-Trade choices

as well as certified organic tea, & of course delicious chocolate!

What types of products ?

Drop in ....

We also engage in helping to spread the word of other local businesses & business people that are doing great stuff!

Class/workshop info posted on our Facebook page

via email (if you registered) &

Printed on paper in shoppe

It's  location is :

In downtown Troy NY

at 212 River Street

Troy NY 12180

About the owner ?

She's eclectic too!!

her name is Judy

She doesn't follow the leader

She doesn't do what the crowds or society dictates

She loves to travel , though now with a shoppe it will be infrequent, but that's ok

She doesn't watch the news, on paper, on TV or online, yuck!

She dislikes western "medicine" and that whole "thing", yuck !

She has immense love for her three beautiful grown daughters & four grandkids

her 6 dogs( we recently lost one due to a great life & old age)  & her amazingly supportive husband, Brian

( & a NEW kitten that found "her" in October 2014, Oh my! )

She loves chocolate , I mean loves! (addicted? well, ok)

Oh, she is Canadian-actually she is a Newfoundland-er (Newfie for short) ,& she doesn't do the 'eh' , thing

Please don't try it , it's really not that funny anymore :)

Her accent ? She get's asked often , ok Irish background....down the line , somewhere !

She has been to India twice , fell in love with it!,Been there in past life too!

She has concocted her own line of non-chemical personal care products

She has another website, with those details

She is Reiki master

Certified Tantra Yoga Facilitator

Certified Aromatherapist

Licensed  Spiritual Healer

Studied with Brian Weiss, past life regression work, May 2016

Level one tuning forks


& combining all of that she is

A Certified Self-Empowerment Educator & Facilitator...

Yes, she is driven! 

There's more .....but you'll need to visit :)

Hippies, Witches & Gypsies !

212 River Street , Troy NY