Where the Magical,Mystical & Metaphysical Merge

 Hippies, Witches & Gypsies 


 "Eclectic Shoppe" 

33 Second Street, Troy NY    

To keep this simple, this website will be simple

You will be able to find our physical location on here

How to contact us via email (see above)  & Facebook  (see below)

& via telephone number, yes the ole' fashion way.

Hippies, Witches & Gypsies caters to the magical , mystical & metaphysical aspects of life

The fun stuff!

Offering meditation & magical supplies, unique gifts, jewelry, & home decor all in the nature of spirit,

remembering the days of hippies, & paying homage to the witch & gypsy in all of us.

Our little shoppe manifested

mainly as a spirit push-not a  calling, but a push !

plus..it manifested as a result of :

* I missed seeing &  meeting people face to face *

*Being a "merchant"  is in my blood, I've done it before & it runs in my family*

*Providing services that help people is extremely rewarding, tiring at times, but immensely rewarding.

but.....since we have opened, the shoppe has taken on a life of it's own, way beyond anything that I imagined.

I thank-you each one of you that come through our doors to ask for advice, suggestions, get the items you need or to simply say hello.