Hippies, Witches & Gypsies Online

Here we are in changing times- Welcome to an online shopping presence that I never thought we would have.

The universe spoke for comprehensive- all in- so here you will find some items that are in the shoppe-

my personal work & services & links to other places -  that we now share with you.

Judy has built this page- one that was not done by her choosing but most definitely -pushed by the universe- it is here for you as a convenience., and from a love of what I do. I truly hope that you find the offerings intriguing & something of interest for you - the page will change & be updated on a regular basis.

Please shoppe wisely as once payment has been made there are no refunds, credits or exchanges.

 Please note that "shipping" is shipping/handling & a physical person bringing your parcel to the post office.

All prices are USD. Thank-you


Hippies, Witches & Gypsies has had a physical shopping presence for six years in downtown Troy NY. It has been a "journey for sure" - We are very happy to say that we have amazing customers whom we have built a very solid base of trust & friendship with. We truly know many of our return customers by their first names , have met them time & again & know a bit about their individual lives, through what they share...I feel this is why our business is what it is today...It is because we care, we sincerely care about others.  Now that we have an online presence we hope that we can get to "know" you though these means as well.

Trust Your Intuition.  It doesn't lie.

Judy Quote:

Judy - The shoppe owner

Judy Squires-Gleason

Shoppe owner- water witch, spiritual student of the universe!

Judy -The owner of Hippies, Witches & Gypsies isn't what she would call a "typical" shoppe owner. She doesn't run with the masses, she does things the way she feels is BEST for the shoppe first & foremost, and then those customers that resonate with her way of business appear.  Judy has her personal & business boundaries in place. This has taken time to evolve around but it has worked well for six years, learning as she goes. She is always evolving right along with the shoppe....and now that we have started an online shopping presence the evolution continues.


Thank-you for visiting our "online shopping page" Welcome. What is offered here is a very small sampling of what is available for purchase at our brick & mortar shoppe in Troy.  The online offerings may or may not be available at the shoppe. Please ask.

Our physical shoppe is open four days per week - Wed,Thurs, Fri & Sat.

Troy , NY

33 Second Street, Troy NY 12180

Wed 11:00am-6:00pm

Thurs 11:00am-6:00pm

Friday 11:00am-6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

CLOSED, Sun, Mon, & Tues